7 Technologies Only Advance Cleaning Equipment Offers

Joyce Schwob - January 19, 2019

EcoFlex Advance’s EcoFlex System goes beyond standard green cleaning by offering sustainability and efficiency, while still meeting the highest standards for clean floors. frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””>   DustGuard DustGuard technology uses an ultra-fine fog proven to reduce airborne dust generated by side broom sweeping. OSHA updated its silica exposure standards, and DustGuard helps you do so….

4 Ways to Clean with Ecoflex – Advance’s Industry Leading Scrubber Technology

Joyce Schwob - November 3, 2017

EcoFlex is an industry leading solution developed by Advance to better clean floors responsibly. There are two main components that are obvious from the name “EcoFlex”. “Eco” references the environment and the machines impact on the environment. “Flex” references flexibility, and ability to adapt to different needs. 4 Ways to Clean:   Water Only Water…

Greener Equipment – Small Decisions Big Impact

Joyce Schwob - April 11, 2016

Thanks to advances in technology and thoughtful attention to environmental concerns, buyers have plenty of earth friendly options on industrial equipment.  Toyota Electric Forklifts Orange is the new Green. Electric forklifts can lower maintenance costs up to 30% when compared to traditional propane-powered units. They deliver high performance material handling while producing zero emissions, which…

Dirty Floors? Clean them Up

Joyce Schwob - March 14, 2016

4.5 Things to Know When Choosing a Floor Cleaning Machine It’s almost time for Spring cleaning, If the floors in your facility are not as clean as they need to be you might consider getting a new floor cleaning machine. With so many options how does one choose? A commercial floor cleaning dealer like JIT…