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Dirty Floors? Clean them Up

  • March 14, 2016
  • Joyce Schwob

4.5 Things to Know When Choosing a Floor Cleaning Machine

It’s almost time for Spring cleaning, If the floors in your facility are not as clean as they need to be you might consider getting a new floor cleaning machine. With so many options how does one choose?

A commercial floor cleaning dealer like JIT Toyota-Lift can help you choose. Not only is it important to get the machine type right, but even the selection of brushes, squeegees and cleaning solutions will have an impact on the success of your selection.

Here are 4 things you need to know when choosing a floor cleaning machine, plus a handful of additional considerations that make up our “.5”

1 – What are your specific cleaning needs?

  • The amount, size, and character of the dirt and debris particles generated at your facility
  • Type of surface (tile, bare concrete, coated concrete, combination, outdoor, etc.)
  • Number of personnel involved in cleaning activities 

2 – What does “clean” mean for your facility?

  • Cleaning: removing dirt, grease, debris
  • Scrubbing: removing dirt, grease and germs by scrubbing with detergent and water
  • Sanitizing: reducing the number of disease-causing germs to what is considered a “safe level”
  • Disinfecting: destroying disease-causing bacteria or pathogens

3 – Sweep vs. Scrub

  • Sweepers are ideal for bulky debris like wood chips, metal shavings, paper and other fibrous materials
  • Scrubbers are suitable for light, dusty debris on all types of hard floors – especially dirty or oily surfaces
  • Sweeper/Scrubber combos have a dual function that increases productivity by doing both jobs in a single pass

4 – Walk vs. Ride

  • Walk-Behind Machines are better suited for small facilities with a need for scrubbing and light debris pickup; a solution that won’t break the bank.
  • Ride-On Sweepers and Scrubbers can make more passes in a given time and significantly reduce worker fatigue, which means a big productivity boost for a modest investment 

4.5 –  Additional Factors to consider

  • Maneuverability: Does the machine need to navigate narrow aisles or tight corners?
  • Cost: What does your budget allow?
  • Productivity:  What speed and path size do you need for the machine?
  • Power Supply: Do you need stationary or portable charging solutions?
  • Water Usage: Minimize water usage and maximize your productivity
  • Sound Level:  Do you need to work in the quiet facility where noise should be kept to a minimum?

Advance Sweepers and Scrubbers offers a full line of well-equipped machines ready to tackle your floors. Let us help you navigate the decision process.

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