How to Optimize Forklift Battery Life

Joyce Schwob - July 16, 2024

Forklift batteries are expensive. In fact, they’re generally worth up to about 30% of a new forklift’s total value. High fuel costs can make a battery powered machine an attractive and cost-effective alternative to gas or propane powered options, however, you can only realize those cost savings if you take proper care of your batteries. Read more

May the Forks Be with You – Free Forklift Forks Inspection

Joyce Schwob - April 19, 2024

Every May at JIT we celebrate what we like to call “May the Forks Be with You.” It’s a combination of three things that our team loves: Forklifts, Star Wars, and the month of May. The way we celebrate this annual tradition is by ensuring your forklift is as effective as it can be. It Read more

Consequences of Working with Worn Out Forklift Forks

Joyce Schwob - February 27, 2024

Your forks are arguably two of the most important components on your machine. Afterall, having the power to lift and maneuver doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have strong, well maintained forklift forks to carry your loads. They may seem like they can tackle any job you throw at them no matter what, but it’s Read more

How to Optimize Your Warehouse Efficiency

Joyce Schwob - December 5, 2023

The purpose of your warehouse is to receive, store, and move products as effectively and seamlessly as possible. Warehouse efficiency is the core metric for maintaining the productivity and profitability of your operation. A poorly designed facility will hamper order fulfillment, leading to errors and unhappy customers. The good news is that making small tweaks Read more

Insider Tips for Warehouse Automation

Joyce Schwob - October 19, 2023

Warehouse automation is the process of implementing software, equipment, and robotics that allow you to rely less on human labor, so you can increase efficiencies. When it comes to organizing, moving, stacking, and packing products within a storage facility, there are many opportunities and options available for automation. When does warehouse automation make sense for Read more

A Key Part of Forklift Maintenance: Proper Lubrication

Joyce Schwob - October 5, 2023

Your forklift requires multiple types of lubricants and oils in order to operate correctly. Choosing the best machine lubricant for each system is a critical factor for prolonging the lifespan of your components and reducing unexpected downtime. To ensure your forklifts operate at their peak, we’ve put together some key information and tips that will Read more

Warehouse Security: How to Prevent Equipment Theft

Joyce Schwob - August 17, 2023

Running a warehouse is a difficult job. You have to handle scheduling, personnel management, maintenance, forklift fleet optimization, safety, and other complex tasks. But one of the most important parts of your operation is warehouse security. Specifically, it is important to protect your equipment that you have at your facility from the possibility of theft. Read more

Warehouse Safety: Watch Out for Harmful Emissions

Joyce Schwob - August 3, 2023

Dangerous emissions can be a serious problem in warehouses and other indoor facilities where forklifts operate. As the weather cools and turns cold in the fall and winter, there are fewer doors and windows open and less ventilation, making the problem even worse. The buildup of gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) Read more

Signs You Need to Replace Forklift Tires

Joyce Schwob - June 14, 2023

When to Replace Your Forklift Tires You depend on your forklift to move your products and complete daily operations in your facility, and your forklift depends on its tires. Worn out forklift tires can cause instability for the machine and for whatever it is moving, stopping or accelerating can become more difficult, and potentially dangerous Read more

Fleet Management Tips

Joyce Schwob - April 17, 2023

Your company has a lot invested in its forklifts. If you have multiple forklifts in operation, you need to be strategic about keeping them safely running for as long as possible. To help you maintain your return on investment, we’ve put together several forklift fleet management strategies. Planned maintenance Performing planned maintenance (PMs) according to Read more