The biggest thing for us is the service. If we have issues, they’ll come out either same day or next day. For example, we use wrappers to wrap our pallets, and recently we had a wrapper go down during an extremely busy time for us. I contacted the service line, and they were closed. I put a 911 call out and within a half hour I got a phone call back from JIT. They reached out to their service tech, Lee, who finished his dinner and was here within 30 to 45 minutes after eating his supper. The wrapper was repaired. We have a lot of stories like that. They come out whenever we need them.

Pete Wilson

General Manager of Operations
Iovate Health Sciences

I’ve been with Sonwil for 27 years and have worked with JIT ToyotaLift for pretty much my entire career here. I can tell you that we’ve never wanted to work with anyone else. Any time we’ve needed forklifts, pickers, or sweeper scrubbers, we always go to them.

Brian Pulaski

General Manager
Sonwil Logistics

For the past 20 years, Cummins has had a working relationship with JIT. The relationship has been built around trust, quality of work, and providing equipment that meets or exceeds our needs. Our relationship continues today because of the commitment of their management and staff to do so. The day to day service of their on-site staff continues to drive the relationship and provides us with the needed up time of our equipment.

Gary J Hinman

Facilities Team Manager
Cummins Jamestown Engine Plant

They usually have the parts in stock, and it’s always a good experience when working with them.

Ed Jackson

Senior Vice President
US Sugar Co Inc

They were quick to respond. He came out picked up the machine and brought it right back.

Jay Fisher

Arric Corp

I do like the service. They are very responsive and help us out a lot.

Dick Watrous

Triple E Manufacturing

They respond to any issues I have with the equipment. They’re a great company to deal with.

Wally Hunter

Maintenance Supervisor
North Country Dairy

The technicians work well on our equipment and are easy to work with.

Gary Redmon

Worldwide Protective Products

We ask them to do 10,000 things and they always jump through hoops. It’s a very personal service. They’re very accommodating.

Mark Cansdale

Boston Valley Terracotta

They always show up on time and do a great job.

Rick Heald

Vice President
Turftenders Inc.

Never had any issues with them, and they are a good vendor to work with.

Jessie Watson

Store Manager
Grossman's Bargain Outlet

They are friendly and professional.

Ray Chamberlin

Belmont Hardware

They have good customer service. They get us the equipment quickly and have good equipment availability.

Mark Henry

W D Henry & Son Inc.

They do a great job! I have no complaints!!!

Jay Prentice

The Vinyl Outlet

They are friendly and professional.

Michelle Enos

Enos Milling

I have no complaints with this company. They are great!

Danielle Hajdu

Schrock Metal Products Inc.

I’ve been working at Iovate for six years, and we’ve been using JIT for 17 or 18 years. We have purchased 45 pieces of material handling equipment from them for our operations.



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