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Your Customers are Counting on Your Forklifts

  • June 23, 2015
  • Joyce Schwob

You have forklifts that you depend on daily to receive, stack, move, and deliver equipment and supplies. Customer service is key to your operation, and forklifts play a critical part in delivering (pun intended) great products and service to your customers.

Material handling equipment is often under-appreciated until it doesn’t work. It’s then when product isn’t moving and workers aren’t being productive that the true value of a forklift is evident.  These workhorses need proper routine maintenance, quality replacement parts and a team of professionals whose sole focus is keeping them up and running.

If you don’t have a full time maintenance staff, then you need someone like JIT Toyota-Lift. You need a dealer who understands what having equipment out of service does to your business.

Down time is expensive. We get it!
Here’s how we work with our customers to prevent down-time:
  • Offer Planned Maintenance (PM) programs   During a typical PM Service inspection a technician can identify wear items before they fail, break, or damage other parts. 
  • Dispatch service technicians to arrive at your facility perform repairs on-site
  • Provide replacement rental equipment should your forklift need to come to our shop for repair. Customers enjoy a specially discounted rental rate: $9.50 per operating hour or 10% off our normal rates, whichever is LESS.
  • Sell only quality new and used equipment – We’ve partnered with the number one selling forklift brand, Toyota Industrial Equipment.  Toyota is known world-wide for reliability and durability. It is a name you know and trust, and it’s a name that we incorporated to ours in 2006.

Here at JIT Toyota-Lift we pride ourselves on our reliability, trustworthiness, and efficiency for industrial handling equipment in Western New York. Whether you need to rent or purchase new or used equipment, obtain parts or service for equipment you already have, train and certify your operators or train the trainers, JIT Toyota-Lift can fulfill your needs quickly and efficiently.

 Please contact us today and let us help you serve your customers.