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Sorry Your Part Seems to be Out of Stock

  • November 6, 2013
  • Joyce Schwob

It happens at the worst possible time. All you wanted were a few simple items to fix your forklift and surprise, surprise, something on your shopping list is out of stock. The parts might come in tomorrow, it might take up to a week –all you know is you have equipment out of service and you need it now.

We hate it when that happens, too.

But, how can this happen in the day and age of computers? To answer that question we offer these small insights. We understand it stinks but maybe this will help you feel better.


Parts Out-of-Inventory Culprits

  1. Unusual demand, someone just placed a big order ahead of you 
  2. A bad physical count adjustment – was that a 1 or a 10? 
  3. Parts removed from inventory without being charged out 
  4. Low demand. Sometimes even the “obvious” parts do not receive enough demand for it to be stocked


We work hard to anticipate demand and ensure that the part you need is here when you need it. Cycle counts, investigating inventory errors and working to reduce that error when defined, accurate inventory history, recording lost sales, and an honest application of effort to monitor and react to unusual demands are all ways we work towards making sure the parts you need are here in stock.

Need parts or various supplies? Our Parts Professionals will work to make sure you get the parts you need so you can get that equipment back on the job.