Advance floor scrubbers deliver flexibility, performance, ease of use and most of all value. Every Advance scrubber comes with Smart Solutions™ – which optimizes water and chemical use by allowing the operator to select proper flow rates – part of our commitment to sustainable cleaning technology.


Gain the productivity benefits of a ride-on floor scrubber while still being compact and maneuverable enough for a variety of obstacles in areas like retail...

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The Advance SC351™ micro floor scrubber proves it’s in a class of it its own, delivering faster, better and easier scrubbing.

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​From smaller areas in distribution centers and sports arenas to small manufacturing floors, the Advance SC500™ walk-behind floor scrubber ushers in a new wave of...

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Adfinity™ traction-drive scrubbers feature pushbutton forward and reverse, and our exclusive One-Touch™ ergonomic control paddle for easy, safe operation.

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Enhance cleaning productivity with our brand new stand-up automatic scrubber, the Advance SC1500™.

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SC750 & SC800

Advance’s rugged, low-maintenance SC750™ and SC800™ scrubbers deliver incredible value on a walk-behind platform.

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Advance SC901


​Maintaining an industrial facility can be challenging. That is why Advance developed the SC901™, a simple machine allowing facility operators to focus on core tasks...

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The Advance Advenger® family of rider scrubbers combines versatility, productivity and sustainability all in one efficient platform.

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​The Adgressor is a reliable, productive industrial rider scrubber that is easy to use and maintain.

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Experience the combination of effortless control and efficient, sustainable scrubbing in one powerful, compact package: the Advance SC6500™ rider scrubber.

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The Advance SC8000™ rider floor scrubber is the definition of innovative and optimized design.

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