Big Power for Big Jobs

Toyota's line of cushion tire, internal combustion forklifts, makes completing your largest indoor jobs easy.

Core IC Cushion

Toyota Core IC Cushion forklift is highly versatile and popular in nearly all indoor applications, with strong horsepower and a compact design.

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Large IC Cushion

The Toyota Large IC Cushion forklift is is an indoor heavy load solution. Built to last and handle the toughest loads, all with reduced fuel...

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High Capacity Cushion

The High-Capacity IC Cushion Forklift is a homerun when it comes to versatility in the warehouse or manufacturing facility.

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Box Car Special

The Toyota Box Car Special forklift is an industry-leading solution for material handling within railcars. With a compact, vertically extended counterweight to facilitate working in...

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Paper Roll Special

The Toyota Paper Roll Special forklift is designed to optimize your productivity when stacking and maneuvering heavy paper rolls.

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The right equipment for the job.

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