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Cummins April 2018

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JIT Toyota-Lift Brings Home Toyota Material Handling Awards in All 4 Categories

JIT Toyota-Lift brought home 4 awards from this year's Toyota Dealership Meeting, one for every category offered. JIT performed at the highest level in Customer Service & Support, Sales Excellence, Parts Excelle..

Cummins March 2018

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Cummins February 2018

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Cummins January 2018

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JIT Toyota-Lift Becomes Pack Mule Dealer

Frewsburg, New York (September 5, 2017) JIT Toyota-Lift has announced a new dealer agreement with Pack Mule a manufacturer of electric utility vehicles and towable carts. JIT Toyota-Lift has begun offering Pack..

JIT Toyota-Lift Wins 2016 Toyota President's Award

FREWSBURG, New York (April 14, 2017) – Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. (TMHU) recently announced the 2016 winners of its prestigious President’s Award. The award honors Toyota forklift dealers who excel in par..

Toyota Honors JIT Toyota-Lift with President's Award

FREWSBURG, N.Y. (April 24, 2013) – Toyota Material Handling TMHU) recently awarded JIT Toyota-Lift its highest dealership honor, the President’s Award, for 2012. JIT Toyota-Lift is one of 15 elite recip..

Company Mourns Loss of Founding Owner

FREWSBURG -- We are sad to announce the passing of one of JIT Toyota-Lift's founders and owners, Mary I. Short, at age 79 on February 12, 2013. Mary and her husband, Earl “Bud” Short, started Jamest..

JIT Employee is Among First in the Nation

FREWSBURG NY, 1/17/2012 JIT Toyota-Lift is proud to announce that Patricia Mitchell is the first woman in the US to achieve the Toyota Material Handling USA (TMHU) 3rd Gear status. Recognizing the valuable role that ..

JIT Toyota-Lift Wins 3rd Silver Circle Award

FREWSBURG NY (March 20, 2009) – Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. (TMHU) recently awarded JIT Toyota-Lift the Silver Circle Award for its performance in 2008. JIT Toyota-Lift is one of 10 elite recipients ..

Grand Opening in West Seneca NY

June 7, 2007 -- After 15 years of renting business space in the Buffalo area, this family business has decided to put down roots. JIT Toyota-Lift recently purchased the building at 999 Harlem Road in West Seneca. To ..

Jamestown Industrial Trucks Adopts New Name

June 1, 2006 -- Jamestown Industrial Trucks, Inc. will begin conducting business as JIT Toyota-Lift to better convey their dedication to all of Western New York; not just the Jamestown area. JIT Toyota-Lift is We..

JIT Receives Honor at National Event

Photo caption: Joyce Schwob, General Manager, accepts the Silver Circle award on behalf of the company March 10, 2005 -- At a national Toyota dealer event in Scottsdale Arizona Jamestown Industrial Trucks was awa..


What is included in training from JIT Toyota-Lift?

JIT Toyota Lift’s Forklift Operator Training Classes are specialized to meet OSHA requirements in forklift training. Upon completion of the training class, JIT Toyota-Lift will provide the employer with the following:

  • A course outline showing the topics covered
  • The operator's written forklift training test
  • A forklift performance evaluation of the driver
  • Forklift Training Qualification Wallet Cards and Forklift Training Qualification Wall Certificates that the Employer may issue to the trainees

Where are JIT Toyota-Lift’s forklift operator classes held?

JIT Toyota-Lift will come to you! On-site forklift classes are the best way to train your forklift operators. On-site forklift training allows your forklift operators to use the actual equipment they’ll be using in the work environment they’ll be using it in.

Who teaches forklift training for JIT Toyota-Lift?

JIT Toyota-Lift’s forklift training classes are taught by Jim Skinner. Jim brings a unique set of skills as he worked many years as a road technician and now works as a Customer Service Support Rep and Training Specialist. Having worked on forklifts, he has an understanding of what is important to forklift operators, maintenance supervisors, and safety managers.

Read more about Jim here

How long are JIT Toyota-Lift’s Forklift Operator Classes?

JIT Toyota-Lift offers 4 hour long forklift operator classes that include the following:

  • 1 ½ hour class time
  • ½ hour written test time
  • 2 hours of hands on time

Timing varies with the amount of students.

Is there Aerial Lift Training?

JIT-Toyota Lift is proud to also offer Aerial Lift Operator Training. This training is ideal for our JLG Aerial Lifts or AICHI Aerial Lifts.

Is different forklift training required for different forklifts?

Training is different for each class of forklift because each forklift class has different characteristics.

OSHA requires training for the specific equipment that the operator will be using:

  • Class 1, 4, 5 – Sit-down Counterbalance Forklifts ( battery, gas, LP, and diesel powered)
  • Class 2 – Stand-up Narrow Isle Forklift
  • Class 3 – Electric Pallet Jacks


Is it better to complete Forklift Operator Training on-site or at a training facility?

On-site forklift classes are the best way to train your forklift operators. On-site forklift training fulfills the requirement for forklift operators to use the actual equipment they’ll be using in the work environment they’ll be using it in. JIT Toyota-Lift will come to you!

Who can instruct forklift training?

Forklift training is instructed by a qualified trainer, who has been trained in the aspects of forklift functions, dynamics, and types of classes the equipment falls under.

If you are interested in having your own trainer on your staff, JIT Toyota-Lift offers Train the Trainer Training.

What is 190.178?

190.178 is an OSHA standard that mandates forklift operator training.

What exactly does OSHA require for forklift training? What is included in the OSHA forklift standard? What does the OSHA forklift standard say?

The training requirement found in 29 CFR 1910.178(l) for operators of powered industrial trucks and the same requirement for operators of powered industrial trucks in the construction [1926.602(d)] and maritime [1915.120, 1910.16(a)(2)(x), 1910.16(b)(2)(xiv), 1917.1(a)(2)(xiv), 1918.l(b)(10)] industries specify that the employer must develop a complete training program. OSHA requires that operators of powered industrial trucks be trained in the operation of such vehicles before they are allowed to operate them independently. The training must consist of instruction (both classroom-type and practical training) in proper vehicle operation, the hazards of operating the vehicle in the workplace, and the requirements of the OSHA standard for powered industrial trucks. Operators who have completed training must then be evaluated while they operate the vehicle in the workplace. Operators must also be periodically evaluated (at least once every three years) to ensure that their skills remain at a high level and must receive refresher training whenever there is a demonstrated need. To maximize the effectiveness of the training, OSHA will not require training that is duplicative of other training the employee has previously received if the operator has been evaluated and found competent to operate the truck safely. Finally, the training provisions require that the employer certify that the training and evaluations have been conducted.

How much air should I fill a forklift tire with?

Recommended air pressure (PSI) is found on the sidewall of the forklift tire. If it is not there, you can contact us for assistance.

Is there an age requirement to become a forklift operator?

Yes, you are required to be at least 18 years old to become a forklift operator.

What happens if I chose not to purchase a maintenance plan?

You are not required to purchase a maintenance plan with your forklift. Be sure to maintain your vehicle properly. Doing so will help you avoid damage that could have been easily prevented. Proper maintenance also ensures your warranty is valid.

Do I (Does my business) have to proceed with every repair our technician finds?

No. If we propose a repair that you do not want to implement, you do not have to proceed with the repair. When we bring the repair to your attention, just sign that you do not want to proceed at that time, you can elect to make the repair later if you wish.

Do you need a special certificate or card to operate a forklift?

An employer is required to be able prove that all of its forklift operators have been certified. That certification shall include the name of the operator, date of training, date of evaluation, and the identity of the person(s) performing the training or evaluation.

JIT Toyota-Lift offers Forklift Training Qualification Wallet Cards, and Forklift Training Qualification Wall Certificates.

How long do forklift tires last for? How many hours are forklift tires good for?

Forklift tires, with normal usage, typically last between 2,000 and 2,400 operating hours.

Are forklifts front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

Forklifts are front wheel drive. The front wheels drive while the rear wheels steer.

Do you need a special driver’s license to become a forklift operator?

No, there is no special forklift driver’s license.

An employer is required to be able prove that all of its forklift operators have been certified. That certification shall include the name of the operator, date of training, date of evaluation, and the identity of the person(s) performing the training or evaluation.

JIT Toyota-Lift offers Forklift Training Qualification Wallet Cards, and Forklift Training Qualification Wall Certificates.

Will JIT Toyota-Lift come to my location?

JIT Toyota-Lift proudly serves Western New York’s Erie, Chautauqua, Niagara, Cattaraugus, Wyoming & Allegany counties. If you’re located slightly outside of that area, we may still be able to help, give us a call.

What do I have to do while a technician is at my site?

What documentation is required to show proper forklift qualification?

An employer is required to be able prove that all of its forklift operators have been certified. That certification shall include the name of the operator, date of training, date of evaluation, and the identity of the person(s) performing the training or evaluation.

JIT Toyota-Lift offers Forklift Training Qualification Wallet Cards, and Forklift Training Qualification Wall Certificates.

Why do some forklifts have 2 large forklift tires and 2 smaller ones?

Front forklift tires are often larger than back forklift tires. Since the load is lifted at the front of a forklift, the front tires need to support it. Meanwhile, back tires are responsible for the truck steering, and a smaller size allows them to make sharper turns and offer maneuverability.

How can Toyota t-matics save me money?

Toyota t-matics is a fleet management tool that reports on the utilization, productivity and maintenance needs of an individual forklift, an entire fleet and/or an individual forklift operator.  t-matics will help create accountability among forklift operators, reduce damanaging impacts, plan maintenance schedules and provide the data needed to effectively manage fleet sizes, material handling operations, and logistics in the workplace.

t-matics measures data and facilitates data-driven operational decisions.

How long does forklift certification last? Does forklift certification expire? Do you have to renew your forklift certification?

OSHA requires that forklift operators be evaluated once every 3 years. JIT Toyota-Lift recommends renewing forklift operators’ training once every 3 years as well. Equipment, operators’ physical conditions, and facility layouts often change, so reevaluation is critical.

For more information, see our blog post How Often Must Forklift Operators Be Trained.


What does pneumatic mean? What is a pneumatic tire?

The definition of pneumatic is: containing or operated by air or gas under pressure.

Will I know when a technician is coming to my site?

Can I put pneumatic forklift tires on a cushion forklift truck? Can I put cushion forklift tires on a pneumatic forklift truck?

No. Forklifts are made to either be cushion or pneumatic. Very few forklifts can use both types of tires.

How often does a technician come to my site for Planned Maintenance?

Is t-matics MOBILE or t-matics COMMAND better?

It depends on your needs and application.  t-matics MOBILE is a forklift-based cellular solution, meaning the data will transfer anywhere an appropriate cellular signal is detected and will transmit data of the forklift only.  t-matics COMMAND is facility-based forklift and forklift operator management solution, meaning the forklift must stay with a certain range of the facility and can transmit data on the forklift as well as the individual forklift operator.  t-matics MOBILE is a more economical solution designed to transmit data on forklifts of any fleet size, including rental fleets, while t-matics COMMAND is a more customization and comprehensive solution designed for larger fleets operating in a single facility or campus.

What happens if an employer fails to get its operators forklift trained?

OSHA will enforce fines or warnings on the employer for every violation until proper forklift training has been completed.

Can I use air pneumatic forklift tires and solid pneumatic forklift tires on the same forklift truck?

Yes. Just be sure to use the same type of wheels on both sides of each axle.

Does JIT Toyota-Lift provide Planned Maintenance Plans or Full Maintenance plans for scrubber and/or sweeper cleaning equipment that is not Advance?

Yes. We have maintenance for all industrial cleaning equipment.

How is forklift operator training enforced?

OSHA enforces forklift training requirements in the following ways:

  • Regular OSHA forklift operator audits
  • After reported forklift accidents
  • If there is a fatality
  • If notified of improper forklift operating procedures

What software does Toyota t-matics require?

Only an internet browser is required.  Both t-matics MOBILE and t-matics COMMAND are capable of web-based reporting.

Does JIT Toyota-Lift provide Planned Maintenance Plans or Full Maintenance plans for aerial lifts that are not JLG or AICHI?

Yes. We have maintenance for all aerial lift makes.

Does New York have any special forklift certification rules or forklift training? Do forklift operation rules change by state?

No, there are no special New York forklift rules. Forklift operation rules are governed by OSHA, which is a federal agency. Therefore, all states have the same forklift operation requirements.

What are installation options for t-matics?

All t-matics products can be installed in the field by JIT Toyota-Lift technicians or factory installed on new forklift purchases.

What is a foam filled fork lift tire?

A foam forklift tired is an air pneumatic forklift tire filled with foam instead of air. This prevents puncture and deflation of the tire.

Does JIT Toyota-Lift provide Planned Maintenance Plans or Full Maintenance plans for forklifts that are not Toyota?

Yes. We have maintenance for all forklift makes including Doosan, Junghenrich, JCB, Yale, Raymond, Clark, Linde, Komatsu, Blue Giant, and Crown.

What are the requirements to become a forklift operator?

In order to become a forklift operator, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Demonstrate safe operation of a forklift
  • Complete a forklift training class and qualify to be a forklift operator
  • Your forklift training class must be taught by a qualified forklift instructor
  • Possess a Forklift Operator Certificate

What makes Toyota t-matics different?

t-matics MOBILE is the only individual forklift-based cellular telematics solution currently on the market with a full-featured set of monitoring and analytic capabilities.  t-matics MOBILE is capable of generating reports on individual forklifts or entire fleets.

t-matics COMMAND is powered by I.D. Systems, Inc., which, for more than 15 years, has successfully deployed wireless asset management technology to the world's leading manufacturers, distributors, retailers, airlines, and government agencies.

Why would someone choose a foam filled pneumatic forklift tire instead of a solid pneumatic forklift tire?

A foam filled forklift tire allows a smoother ride for the operator because they can absorb more impact. A foam filled forklift tire is often less expensive than a solid rubber pneumatic forklift tire, as well.

How big does a fleet have to be to justify using t-matics?

Toyota provides two t-matics products:  t-matics MOBILE and t-matics COMMAND.  t-matics MOBILE is advantageous for any size fleet and operates entirely via cellular signal.  t-matics COMMAND can operate over cellular or WiFi and is a more comprehensive telematics solution.  t-matics COMMAND is ideal for fleets of at least 10 or more forklifts.

What equipment does JIT Toyota-Lift provide Routine Maintenance for? What equipment does JIT Toyota-Lift provide Full Maintenance Plans for?

JIT Toyota-Lift can provide maintenance for any industrial equipment. As dealers, we service Toyota Forklifts, JLG Aerial Lifts, Toyota AICHI Aerial Lifts, Advance Cleaning Equipment, and Pack Mule Industrial Vehicles and Trailers. We also service other brands of forklifts, aerial lifts, cleaning equipment, and industrial vehicles and trailers. We are capable of servicing any type of industrial equipment, so ask us about other equipment.

What is OSHA?

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration which is an agency of United States Department of Labor. OSHA assures safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing, training, outreach, education, and assistance.

Why does a forklift have different types of tires? Can I use both traction forklift tires and smooth forklift tires on the same forklift truck?

Front tires need traction to drive the truck while rear tires should be smooth so they can turn and provide steering. Toyota forklift trucks come with traction front wheels and smooth rear wheels standard.

Are there winter forklift tires?

No, having winter forklift tires is not required. While your personal vehicle might need snow tires in the winter, forklifts do not have a similar standard.

How do Maintenance Plans affect my company’s liability?

Planned Maintenance Plans and Full Maintenance Plans ensure that your forklifts’ warranties are viable. Your technician will make recommendations that fulfill all of Toyota’s recommendations for inspections, adjustments, and replacements as defined in the operators and service manuals.

Purchasing a maintenance plan is a responsible decision that demonstrates your company is being proactive in maintaining your equipment. It encourages safety in your workplace.

What is a Vehicle Management System (VMS)?

A Vehicle Management System (VMS) is a system that facilitates the transfer of operating data from a forklift to individuals via standard or customized reports.

Why is forklift training required?

Forklift training is required by OSHA standards to eliminate work place accidents and fatalities.

Should I put chains on my forklift tires for snow handling?

No. Forklifts work differently than automobiles and we do not recommend attempting to use chains.

What is t-matics?

t-matics is a fleet management tool that utilizes a Vehicle Management System (VMS) to track and report operating behavior of a forklift and/or a forklift operator.

What’s the difference between a Planned Maintenance Plan and a Full Maintenance Plan?

A Full Maintenance Plan is a type of Planned Maintenance that is even more thorough and inclusive than other Planned Maintenance Plans. The biggest difference is an inclusion of major repairs and wearables like belts, hoses, brake shoes, and spark plugs.

Who is required to get forklift training?

Anyone who operates a forklift is required to have proper forklift training.


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