Marathon FPX

GNB Marathon FPX™ premium flat plate motive power batteries deliver dependable performance and extended cycle life to boost medium- to heavy-duty lift truck run time...

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Tubular CMX

Tubular™ CMX™ batteries deliver premium cost-efficient power and are more durable than traditional flat-plate designs.

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Tubular LMX

​Tubular™ LMX™ Low Maintenance batteries give you the freedom to choose the best level of power, performance, cost, and reduced maintenance for your medium to...

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Tubular MPX

The newly redesigned GNB Tubular™ MPX™ batteries deliver even more power in the same size container, with up to 18% more capacity*.

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Flooded Classic

​For those committed to the traditional practices of battery watering, specific gravity checks, and minimal investment, GNB®Flooded Classic batteries are the ideal solution for industrial...

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​Element® valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries have revolutionized the electric lift truck industry by using technology that combines the dependable power of GNB lead-acid batteries with...

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Element Pallet Pro System and Deep Cycle Bloc

​The GNB Pallet Pro™ power pack utilizes Element® bloc valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) technology in an integrated PalletPro pack with on-board charger for the pallet-jack market.

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Tubular LM FP System

The Tubular™ LM™ FP System is the efficient power solution for your electric pallet jack and walkie stacker needs.

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