Toyota Forklift Offers Options, Failure isn’t One of Them

Joyce Schwob - January 25, 2016

When selecting a new forklift for your business you have a lot of options to consider; fuel types, lifting capacity, lifting height, turning radius, physical dimensions, fuel economy, ease of use, resale value. The list goes on.  While no one expects failure as an option, there are plenty of things manufacturers can and should do Read more

Keeping It Real – Toyota Genuine Forklift Parts

Joyce Schwob - November 24, 2015

You bought your Toyota forklift for a reason, right? In your buying decisions you factored in the quality, durability and reliability of the Toyota product. Toyota owners recognize the value of the Toyota brand and that’s why they choose to invest in it for the long run.      So when it’s time to purchase Read more

Determining the Right Forklift for You

Joyce Schwob - September 22, 2015

  You have a heavy job to do and you need a forklift to do the heavy lifting! With that, we know that every job is different and not all forklifts are “one size fits all.” So how do you know which forklift is right for you? Knowing which type of equipment you need will Read more

Toyota Forklifts Are Award Winning

Joyce Schwob - June 5, 2015

Toyota Industrial Equipment rakes in the awards  annually and tops industry lists when compared to its competitors. Toyota Genuine Parts rank highest among all of its competitors in the 2014 Lift Truck Parts Study run by Peerless Research Group. More than 200 participants in the survey who regularly buy and evaluate forklift equipment placed Toyota’s Read more

Toyota Ranked Top Forklift Maker for 11th Year

Joyce Schwob - November 28, 2013

For the 11th consecutive year, Toyota achieved the top ranking as the world’s largest lift truck supplier in Modern Materials Handling’s Annual Top 20 listing. Toyota continues to offer innovate design advancements and industrial equipment solutions. They strive  to improve the material handling process and enhance the customer value experience including: Toyota’s recent introduction of the new 8-Series large capacity lift truck line Read more

Toyota 8-Series Focuses on Durability

Joyce Schwob - November 13, 2013

  Durable: 1. Capable of withstanding wear and tear or decay: 2. Able to perform or compete over a long period, as by avoiding or overcoming injuries: 3. Lasting; stable   As with all of their products, Toyota’s new 8-series forklifts are engineered to last using Toyota’s world-renowned production system. It delivers quality, durability and Read more

Lease or Loan – What is the Difference?

Joyce Schwob - October 30, 2013

The differences between loans and leases can be confusing, even the wording of the two financing instruments can be very close. So which one is right for you? Loan A loan usually requires the end-user to invest a down payment in the equipment. The loan finances the remaining amount. Because the purchaser is considered to Read more

3 Ways Toyota SAS Prevents Tipovers

Joyce Schwob - October 23, 2013

Over 94,000 lift truck accidents are reported in the US every year. Operator training is essential to reducing that number but it isn’t enough. Toyota decided that the best approach to preventing lift truck accidents is “one that combines the efforts of every person, business and organization involved” and decided take the lead role as a manufacturer. As a Read more

What Equipment Leasing Can do for Your Bottom Line

Joyce Schwob - October 9, 2013

Smart business people know that in order to stay productive and competitive, they need to continually upgrade their equipment. But few things can drain cash from a business like major equipment purchases.  Equipment leasing can be the right solution for a lot of reasons.   The Benefits of Leasing: Leasing offers many advantages over other financing Read more