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Rentals – When You Are in it for the Long Haul

  • June 11, 2014
  • Joyce Schwob

Sometimes when businesses think about renting equipment it is for a special event or circumstance. In the case of forklifts, man-lifts and floor cleaning it’s to cover a breakdown or to receive unusual loads.  Rentals are often times done by the day, week or month.

But you might consider renting for a peak season, during an expansion project or to test a new process without committing to a purchase. This costs a bit more than leasing, but can have substantial savings over just renting month to month.  


Advantages of Long Term Rentals:

  • Best Rates – Dealers usually offer their best rates when you can commit to more than 3 months.
  • To your specifications – Some dealers will  acquire and rent you new equipment to your specifications with 1-2 year terms if the equipment is not too specialized.
  • Maintenance included – Most dealers include include all of the necessary maintenance, you have a simple monthly budgeted equipment cost. (Typically you pay for avoidable damage repairs and tire replacement)
  • Write it off — As a business expense, the monthly payment can be completely written off. No need to amortize or carry the asset on your books.


Save 15% off of our published rates on in-stock equipment when you commit to a rental of 3 months or more.

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