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5 Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Forklift Forks

  • May 16, 2016
  • Joyce Schwob

The forks on your forklift are a hard-working and vital part of the vehicle. They will perform reliably for years if they are properly used and protected.  But if abused or neglected, even these rugged workhorses have a breaking point. . . and that can make for a very bad day at work.


Follow these 5 tips for preventing damage to your forks:

  • Don’t be a drag:  The weight of your load is carried on the heel of your forklift. Protect the heels and don’t drag them. Dragging causes heat and wears away the metal. This will weaken the hardest working part of the fork and lead to cracks. Cracks can lead to breaks and dropped loads.

  • Don’t push or pry: Forks are make for lifting.  Some forklift operators will occasionally use the forks on their forklifts to pry things open or push things along the floor. Don’t do it. Using your forks for anything other than what they’re made for can cause serious damage. Bent tips and uneven forks are sure signs that the forks are being used in ways they aren’t designed for.

  • Don’t overload:  We all have our limitations, and so do your forks. Don’t lift loads that exceed your forklift’s maximum capacity.  No only does that put stress on the forks and the entire forklift frame, it creates a dangerous instability situation. Get a bigger forklift if you need to lift heavier loads.

  • Let ’em down easy: Don’t let your forks hit the ground when bringing them down. Bring your loads down slowly and stop just before the forks hit the ground. Needless impact can cause cracks.

  • Work as a team: Always balance the load across both forks. Never try to lift anything with just one fork. Your forks are meant to be used as a team and share the load. Using just one can cause bending or cracking.

Replacement forks are readily available at our Parts Departments in both Buffalo and Jamestown.  And during the month of May every set of forks is on sale.  The more you buy the more you save. 

For more information on your forklift forks or to schedule a free fork inspection contact us. Jamestown (833) 311-5534 Buffalo (716) 893-6105