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Toyota Accessory - Filter Cut Away

Toyota Genuine Parts LogoA quality product is built with quality parts. Toyota's standards for quality are at a higher level than the rest and you can find Toyota Forklift Parts at JIT.

Toyota's quality control system makes certain that every Toyota component is constructed to the same exacting tolerances and strict quality control standards as the part it replaces. In order to ascertain optimum performance and maximum trade-in value for your investment it is best to maintain your lift truck with Toyota Genuine Parts found at your Toyota forklift parts dealer.

For example, Toyota only manufactures two-stage oil filters for its lift trucks. To help prevent excessive engine wear and damage, the two-stage filter removes more impurities from the oil. Many aftermarket suppliers sell single stage filters that look exactly the same on the outside. The inside, however, doesn't compare to the standards of a Toyota Genuine filter. By using other filters, some impurities can remain in the oil, which can increase wear on vital engine components. That, in turn, can lead to serious maintenance costs and increased downtime.

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