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Available in Walk-Behind and Ride-on models. Advance sweepers are effective in a wide variety of applications and on varied floor surfaces. Sweep paths range from 26 inches to 77 inches.

Floor Sweeper SW900        Floor Sweeper SW800


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Advance floor scrubbers deliver flexibility, performance, ease of use and most of all value. Every Advance scrubber comes with Smart Solutions™ – which optimizes water and chemical use by allowing the operator to select proper flow rates – part of our commitment to sustainable cleaning technology

   Floor Srubber SC800 EcoFlex        Floor Scrubber Adgressor


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Sweeper Scrubber Combination

Advance Sweeper-Scrubbers fuse high performance debris-collection systems with powerful scrub decks. Sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass will nearly cut in half the time spent using separate machines. You’ll nearly double your floor cleaning productivity.

Floor Sweeper Sbrubber Combination CS7000



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