Forklift Operator Training

Forklift Safety Leader Badge

Forklift certification classes in Buffalo or at your place. . . The choice is yours.

We do our forklift certification classes where you want, when you want. We can accommodate multiple shift training at your facility or you can take your forklift certification classes in Buffalo at our training center. OSHA regulations require forklift classes have both classroom and "hands on" instruction. A record of trainee comprehension is required for both types of instruction.

JIT Toyota-Lift will provide: Classroom training with a written test AND site specific hands on training with a written trainee performance evaluations

Type of equipment we train on: Class I, IV and IV - Sit-down, counterbalanced forklifts. Class II - Stand-up, narrow aisle trucks

Upon completion of the training class, JIT Toyota-Lift will provide the employer with the following: 
  • A course outline showing the topics covered
  • The operator's written test. 
  • If we are contracted to do the "hands on" training and evaluation we will also provide a written performance evaluation of the driver. 
  • Wall and wallet certificates that the Employer may issue to the trainees.
Here's what you need to provide for onsite training:
  • A meeting space adequate to perform classroom instruction for the number or trainees anticipated
  • A TV or projector and DVD Player
  • White board, chalkboard or easel tablet,
  • Pre-shift checklists that you provide your operators (if you do not currently do pre-shift inspections, LET US KNOW. They are an OSHA requirement and something we can provide you on the day of class)
  • Personal protective equipment you provide your operators (i.e., safety glasses, gloves, hard hats, etc) so they can be shown and demonstrated during class. 
  • Location of eyewash stations, first aid kits, fire extinguishers.